Terra Mia Corporate Video

Corporate Videos in Today’s Media

Social media has become as much a part of many people’s daily routine as the morning cup of coffee. Wake up, grab some breakfast, hop on Facebook. A video plays as they scroll through the Newsfeed. Curiosity piqued, they watch and perhaps click to the website to learn more. In a world captivated by pictures and movies, video advertisement is a vital marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. The end game with a company (at least the ones that want to remain in the game) is to strengthen its position inside and out, expand its reach, and increase profits.

Tera Mia Corporate Video

Essentially, working in the medium of short film, corporate videos have the ability to stimulate multiple senses and engage the viewer in an entertaining and sometimes subliminal manner. The corporate video succeeds in making a connection, whereas a speech or PowerPoint presentation may fail to capture one’s undivided attention. With a target audience in mind, you can bolster worker morale, highlight your company’s achievements, and present the benefits of choosing your business over others in the same arena.

Of all social media sites, Facebook is the most widely used and demonstrates the power of video every single day. More traffic is driven, attention garnered, and calls to action attained by way of video than any other form of communication. The old saying is “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which can only mean a moving picture is worth a million. Videos utilized in marketing today drive 50% of all e-commerce activity, and an estimated two-thirds of all mobile use within the next two years.

Given these figures, it’s safe to say video marketing is quite a powerful tool to have under your belt. A showing rather than telling. And at Windward Productions, we strive to develop creatively captivating videos to help your business stand out from a crowd of competition in a world connected by social media.