We Can Help You Document The Story and Craft The Narrative

Your documentary, your vision. We handle the filming so that you can focus on telling the story. Never miss a moment and share the story as it evolves, uncovering startling revelations in real time and creating a truly enlightening and informing video.

Why You Need a Documentary Video?

Video is the only other medium for documenting a story other than print, but the value added is ten fold.

Shooting documentaries are more affordable than ever. Previously it would cost hundreds of thousands, a fraction of what it costs today.

“Their expertise in knowing exactly how and what to capture are truly amazing”

Surviving in the favelas in Brazil is a daily struggle. The impoverished residence with diseased feet from the run off of the landfill nearby define and scar them emotionally and physically. In this clip, their unofficial leader talks about how they suffer and support each other.

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