The Team

Our executive team each began separate paths in Corporate America focused on marketing, operations, business development, and corporate video production for Fortune 500 companies. Despite our successful careers, we decided to make a change and pursue a united path cultivating our passion of getting to know people and telling their unique stories. Our journey may have not all began together, but like everything else in life, we’ve all been led right here.

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Director of Production

Jim was born into an adventuresome family who lived in Malawi, East Africa for 4 years and traveled across Europe in a VW van. His love of learning and travel has been a driving force throughout his life. After attending Graduate School at the University of Iowa, Jim worked for the largest GIS software company world-wide managing the Media Services group. He saw the company grow from $10 million into $1.2 billion in annual sales. He views his role as being a problem solver while bringing together the creative talent and resources to achieve our clients’ goals. When he isn’t Producing and Directing, Jim enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and sailing.

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Jessica is a native Southern Californian with her close roots stemming from the South Pacific.  Her meticulous attention to detail and impeccable aptitude for multi-tasking has afforded her a successful career in Business Development and Administration for almost 2 decades.  After spending several years auditing Fortune 500 companies for business efficiencies and procedural effectiveness, she returned her focus back to administration.  Jessica joined the team during our infancy stages helping to ensure every “i” was dotted and “t” crossed.  When she’s not keeping our team in check, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 rescue dogs as well as traveling and experiencing unique cuisines.

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Kimberly studied business at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. Her love for business started in college when she spent three years on the Board of Brycol, a student run organization that managed several on-campus business entities such as a pizza loft, college store, and pub. In 1998 she founded Carbon Resources, LLC that provided filtration media to a wide range of applications in North and South America. 2010 Carbon Resources was named one of the top 5000 fastest growing companies by Forbes Magazine. After selling the business, she now spends her time helping other companies with their marketing messaging via video. She absolutely loves what she does and her clients.

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Editor / Associate Director

Ankush is currently attending Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts studying Film Production with an emphasis in Directing. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, he made his way down to Southern California working towards a B.F.A and pursuing his passion for filmmaking. With his keen eye and affinity for composition and storytelling, Ankush has been further developing his skills as a film & commercial director and editor. Ankush has worked and interned for various film, television, commercial, and life event companies such as: Lionsgate Entertainment and Studio 8. He hopes to make his mark in the film industry and continue telling stories through film, television, and digital media.

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Associate Editor / Sound Engineer

Anna grew up all over the Midwest, but has always been a traveler at heart, which led her to her current home in California. She is currently pursuing a B.F.A. in Film Production at Chapman University, with a double minor in Advertising and German. With music always playing a huge role in her life, Anna focused her film-making passion on sound design and re-recording mixing. Always striving to learn more and to improve her abilities as a filmmaker, Anna pushes herself to create unique worlds and to tell compelling stories through sound. Her biggest joys in life are baking, skiing, and cats.

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Associate Director of Photography

Nicholas was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and made his way to sunny Southern California in 2014. Over the past decade, Nick has immersed himself into the world of film and photography. For five years, he worked as a director, cinematographer, and editor for Alaska Channel, where he produced dozens of commercials, promotional videos, and documentaries, including an Emmy Award winning film, Cold Water Survivors. Nick graduated from Chapman University, Dodge College of Film, earning a B.F.A in Film Production. Whether he’s learning a new technology or experimenting with a different style, Nicholas always strives to find the most creative way to capture a moment.

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Associate Editor / Second Shooter

Evan is originally from County Limerick, Ireland where he completed his B.A. degree in Digital Media and Audio/Video Production at The University of Limerick. While attending school, his passion for the visual arts grew when he bought his first camera and began developing his skills as a videographer. Since then, Evan has worked extensively as a freelance photographer and videographer as well as for his video production company ‘Crooked Teeth’ with whom he produced music videos, dance videos, live event productions and more. Always excited for the opportunity to be part of new projects, Evan is keen on always providing unique, high quality content.

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Digital Marketing Intern

Hailing from the heart of Oklahoma, Olivia found herself in Southern California to pursue a double B.A. in Screenwriting and Public Relations & Advertising at Chapman University. Whether its writing for online publications or local businesses, she has worked on honing her creative and professional writing skills over the years. Olivia believes the most effective marketing stems from honest and authentic storytelling, and desires to share stories that break barriers and spark conversations. She hopes to one day be able to combine her loves of travel, writing, and advocating for world issues into her everyday work.

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Associate Editor

Raven was born in Los Angeles, and despite moving around a lot as a child, she’s made her way back to pursue a career in editing. She is currently studying Television Production with an emphasis in editing at Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, with a minor in Game Development Programming. Raven grew up reading, watching, playing, and listening to anything she could get her hands on.  She dreams of creating stories that inspire people the same way good stories have always inspired her. Raven enjoys problem-solving, and appreciates the challenges that come with finding the best and most creative way to make a story come to life.

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Motion Graphics Artist

Jane is originally from Southern California currently pursuing her passion for Motion Graphic Design. After achieving her B.A. in Graphic Design at California State University of Long Beach, she’s been making her way into the field of creative media and design. With Jane’s growing talent in visual storytelling, she is further developing her skills as a Motion Designer and hopes to tell stories that will motivate and inspire others to thrive. She is still eager to learn more and perfect her skill in design.