Passion drives us. Purpose motivates us. People inspire us.  Process makes it all happen.  Priceless because you cannot put a price tag on core values.  



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We Invest In Our Clients!

We own some of the best and most highly sought after equipment and technology in the industry. We are also big proponents of continuing education! This ensures that our team remains innovative and up to date with the latest methods, techniques, and trends to provide you great videos bar none.

We’re Medium-sized!

This means you get the best of both worlds - that special, personalized attention that a small business provides while producing high-quality videos that you can expect from large production studios. This also allows us to respond quickly while being agile and flexible with your needs and requests. Medium-sized also means we have a proper, streamlined process in place for every type of project that keeps us on schedule and within budget, but without all the red tape.

We’re Fully Staffed!

We have full-time staff who fulfill every intricate element required to produce you great videos! From dedicated customer service, to project management, to directing, to shooting, to sound design, to editing, and motion graphics. This collaboration makes for creating you really creative videos that are fully edited with clear sound, sharp imaging, color grading, and awesome graphics all while experiencing great service.

We LOVE People!

It may sound cliche, but we truly are a group of people who love getting to know all walks of life and learning their personal stories. After all, doesn’t everything boil down to building connections and relationships? Every member of our team is specially selected based not only on their great skills and talents, but also on who they are as people. When we have a team who all genuinely care for people, it reflects in our work!

From high-end cameras, lenses, and lighting; to professional sound; and top notch cinematography. Understanding our client’s needs by working closely together and creating a partnership is an essential piece of the puzzle. Here at Windward Productions we make extraordinary videos that set you apart from the crowd.